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In my ongoing series “Songs of the River: Portraits from Burma,” I make portraits of fishermen and their families by the Irrawaddy River.

Burma (Myanmar) has a long troubled history which continues into the present and now receives much more international notice and condemnation since my first trip in 2000.  However, little has changed in the quiet villages I often visit. Generations of families live together in thatched roofed huts built on stilts. Women wash clothes in the river. Girls collect river water in large plastic containers that they balance on their heads. Men and boys are often out all night fishing. In the evening, children play, sing, bathe, and joke around at the river’s edge. The sounds echo over the water.

man in a river in Burma/Myanmar
man next to a very large tree in Burma/Myanmar
young man in the water in Burma /Myanmar
young man wearing sunglasses in Burma/Myanmar
two men diving in Burma/Myanmar
young man standing in a large, dramatic dead tree in Burma/Myanmar

When in the villages, I am most interested in making portraits of the people I spend my time with, some of whom I have photographed since I first visited the country. I am grateful to be allowed briefly into their lives. The nearby area is stark, minimal, and ever changing, and I use that environment in my photographs. The landscape becomes another subject, another portrait within the picture. As families grow, I incorporate new people into my images, combining the spare, external world with the physicality of the individual. To return to the same place annually and find a new way to see it or to look for what is different is a daily adventure that I enjoy.

- Monica Denevan 2019


portrait of a sitting man in Burma/Myanmar
two men and two boys in swimwear in Burma/Myanmar
portrait of a man looking away in Burma/Myanmar
children looking into a deep, natural lake in Burma/Myanmar
a man pulling a wooden boat in Burma/Myanmar
Three children making shapes with fabric in Burma/Myanmar
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