young man holding theropes of two wooden boats in Burma/Myanmar.
young man relaxing and meditative in wooden boat in Buma/Myanmar
two men in submerged, sunken wooden boat in Buma/Myanmar
girl holding teapot and teacup on the beach in Burma/Myanmar
man relaxing and meditative on a rustic bench on the beach in Burma/Myanmar
lean, tall, shirtless man standing in the ruins in Burma/Myanmar
group of children on an adventure in a long, wooden boat in Buma/Myanmar
young man soaring over the river in Burma/Myanmar
group of girls in a line with row of palm trees in Burma/Myanmar
two young men at the edge of the beach in Burma/Myanmar
girl standing on a pagoda with hot air balloons in the background in Burma/Myanmar
isolated young man on a small island in the river in Burma/Myanmar
young man carrying sail like a flag in Burma/Myanmar
young man standing on tall stool in the river in Burma/Myanmar
mans's muscular, tattooed thighs and long knife in the river in Burma/Myanmar
two men stranded in the river in Burma/Myanmar
portrait of a young, muscular man with expressive hands in Burma/Myanmar

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