shirtless man sitting at rough table in Burma/Myanmar
two men standing on the bow of wooden boats in the sand in Burma/Myanmar
young man on small boat with big sail in Burma/Myanmar
boy joyfully and playfully jumping to a tree branch in Burma/ Myanmar
man swinging joyfullyfrom large dead tree in a storm in Burma/Myanmar
calm reflection of man and trees in Burma /Myanmar
dynamic, muscular man standing in a wooden boat in Burma/Myanmar
man holding old, worn guitar behind his back in Burma/Myanmar
strong, muscular, shirtless man pushing a wooden boat in Burma/Myanmar
two men gliding quietly in a wooden boat through reflected palm trees in Burma/Myanmar
young, shirtless man sitting on the front of a boat looking to the horizon in Burma/Myanmar
girl with a parasol standing in a small boat next to a dramatic dead tree in Burma/Myanmar
boatman with long crossed oars and reflection in Burma/Myanmar
man wit outstretched arms sitting relaxed in the front of a boat in Burma/Myanmar
man carrying water pails from the river in Buma/Myanmar
two young men holding long oars by their wooden boat in Burma/Myanmar
shirtless man crouching on rough wooden stool and table in Burma/Myanmar

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Matador, Burma 2003 - 15" x 15" - edition of 25